Bart H. McGuyer
unglamour shot

Hi! I’m an experimental physicist and systems engineer. Currently, I work for Amazon in the greater Los Angeles area on Project Kuiper, an upcoming satellite constellation capable of providing affordable Internet access around the world. Previously, I worked at Facebook’s Connectivity Lab. Before that, I researched atoms and molecules in vapor cells or at ultracold temperatures to make better atomic clocks and more precise measurements. I’m incurably curious, and love finding and solving mysteries.

Free access to all my publications from Amazon, Facebook, a postdoc in the ZLab at Columbia, and graduate school at Princeton is available here. A few technical notes for people with similar interests are available here.

Fun Highlights
  • "Isotope study of the nonlinear pressure shifts of 85Rb and 87Rb hyperfine resonances in Ar, Kr, and Xe buffer gases" published at the Journal of Chemical Physics!
  • Whoa — I'm cited in a popular Electricity & Magnetism textbook! (Link)
  • I got to consult for Ghostbusters III!
  • Here's a solution to a circuit theory mystery from 1904 that no one remembers. 😀
  • Here's a video of a solid-state Tesla coil (DRSSTC) I built for the Princeton Physics Department.

In the past, I've built several electronics projects for fun, mainly high voltage devices, Tesla coils, and vacuum tube amplifiers. Photos of some of these projects are here. If you're looking for an esoteric project, there are a couple of online resources I recommend: Loneoceans Laboratories, the Tesla Coil Mailing List (TCML),,, Wauwatosa Tube Factory, Elliot Sound Products, and diyAudio. Nothing beats hands-on experience, except when getting shocked.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact-me (at) reyugcmtrab (dot) com.